SophistiPunX Announces New Album "A Common Thread", Tour Dates Posted And New Video Of New Single Coming Soon!

June 8, 2013 may one day be considered a day that will live in infamy - it is the day that Dan and Paul met for the first time and the initial seeds for the idea of what would one day become SophistiPunX were planted. After being introduced to one another through a mutual friend - the singer of Dan's band at the time (Knuckle Sandwich) - they quickly realized that they shared a mutual love of 90's style fast punk (Bad Religion, Lagwagon, No Use for Name, Pennywise etc.) Paul missed playing music, but after a nearly ten year stint in his previous band (Stick Figure Suicide) he wasn't sure he wanted to ever be in front of an audience again. They were both avid fans of punk shows and so they began to attend them together. Several month's passed and with each show, the drive start a band grew and grew within both of them and they finally began to write some music.  At this point it was all still just two friends jamming and collaborating together but it would quickly become so much more. 

Dan enlisted the help of a few of his friends, Eric, who Dan had played with in Il Union came in on guitar and Greg who Dan was playing with at the time in Chernobyl Disaster rounded out the lineup on bass. After the first jam session they all had together (which consisted of several NOFX, offspring, and green day covers) they all agreed that there was something there that they needed to explore further.

For several more months they worked hard in Paul/Dan's basement crafting their songs. The influences of each member started to shine through. Dan and Paul share a pretty similar musical background but Dan is slightly more pop punk where Paul has a pretty strong hardcore element. Eric shared some influences with both Dan and Paul but also added ska to the mix.  Greg added his own early 2000's pop punk style basslines to the songs. This all resulted in something that, while reminiscent of the style that Dan and Paul were originally going for, was actually a style all their own.

The name of the band actually took a while to come up with because they wanted something that was catchy and easy to remember while also actually meaning something. It all happened one night at Eric's apartment. There was a discussion about how being punk was not necessarily about the same aestetic anymore, that there was now a faction of punk rock that was more sophicated - owned their own homes, had college degrees, had a pretty vast vocabulary - they realized they fit that new aestetic much better than the old one.  During this discussion someone made fun of Paul and how he always makes people use coasters on his furniture and he said something about being sophistipunk.  Someone else, I think it was Eric said "that should be our band name" and the idea stuck. 

The band are in the  process of making their first music video for the single "Locked Down", off their new album "A Common Thread" and super excited to have everyone check it out so stay tuned! Also the band have an array of dates coming up, check those out below!

6/2 At The Court Tavern w/ The Landrones, Eye Defy, Carnival of Shadows
6/8 At Mother's Bar w/ bunchajerks, Doc Rotten, Trashcats, The Dirty Rats
6/9 At Decicco's w/ Doc Rotten, Acid Cactus, Gonzeaux
7/6 At The Mill Hill w/ Tough Shit, and more TBA
8/21 At The Stanhope House w/ Agent Orange

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