Progressive groove metal band RUNESCARRED have teamed up with Svbterranean to stream a video for their song "A Darker Man". The track is taken from their upcoming EP "We Are", which will be released on June 29th.

Vocalist Ven Scott commented: ""A Darker Man" is a cathartic song for me. Lyrically, I drew from probably one of the heaviest and most disappointing times I have gone through with my art. In the last year many accusations and fingers were waggled in my face and I started questioning my own motives and actions. "Was this the right thing to do?" "Did I over react?" "Am I the problem here?" This tune addresses that and allows me to wear my vulnerability on my sleeve. Sometimes you have to get broken down to become empowered.

For the video, we shot it in the historic Red Top Jail in Llano, Texas. Contextually, imprisonment seemed very poignant especially when paired with the content of my lyrics. Then I shot a horror film called Date From Hell. I could give you some deep meaning for using the footage but, fuck it. I wanted to co-promote my band and my movie ."

Watch the video here:

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