E3 a Gaming Event for a Once in a Lifetime Experience

E3 one of many, if not the more familiar conventions in and around Los Angeles, California that many out there far and wide are well aware of knowing about. Whilst it has been around for some time now, only very few have actually attended said convention. One of those few was actually myself. Let it also be known that this convention was strictly to industry folk and not open to the public, until later years of the convention taking place. This year, 2018 would be one of those years, of which people of the general public would be able to be admitted and behold the wonder and awe of E3 the electronic entertainment expo convention, a premier trade event for the video game industries as we know it.

With that said, E3 for this year, was a first time experience for myself, and after my arrival in the hot sizzling summer afternoon that Wednesday June 12th, entering the convention, as I had many times prior, for other events, was like re-entering a previous life. Except this life was of another reality of existence. Thus, forth, entering the South Lobby Hall, was brought on by some booths, merchandise, and tons of people coming in from all the entrances, exists, and other areas of the convention floor and accompanying areas.


As I headed up into the South Hall itself, the entirety of the room was covered in dark lights, as the room lit up in various color tones of blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, etc. Showcasing the numerous booths set up, such as Ubisoft, Square Enix Inc., Warner Bros. Capcom, Bandai Namco, among others, displaying their merchandise, video game titles, and other events. Some of these booths offering free swag to those wondering up, such as large tote bags as big as the person carrying them. While other booths had those line up to play a free demo of a game title available, for 10-15 minutes maximum, then receive a free item in return of playing that game. But the only way it works, is sitting or standing in said line for 1-5 hours, with the convention having a run time of around the same amount of hours. So picking and choosing wisely is difficult. As also a lot of the booths with the numerous games being filled to capacity closing the line altogether even.

But down in the other hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center known as the West Hall, was where more of these games were all set up. With other booths set in place along the walking path of between the two halls, i.e. South and West halls. Those freebies consisting of cupcakes and other sweets. After entering the West Hall, more people in even more longer lines, with even way longer wait times, with lines cutting off their own lines at various spots, had people awaiting to play said games, while others just roamed the floor, exploring the sights of others, as they all did the same mannerisms as everybody else.

Going back to the hallway paths of the two halls, more people gathered as some dressed up in costume, while other booths had their set of people dressing up from zombies, to characters from property's of this, that, or the other. Whatever it was, those around it, took it in, consuming it as if it was edible which in some cases there was food available so it just made sense.


Aside from the first day of experiences, the second and third days, were quite interesting to say the least. Just like the previous day, prior to these one's, they were a lot like day one. Long lines, having getting a chance at playing a game, some of which consisting of sport titles, role playing games, adventure games, etc. Myself having the chance at some of the role playing games, having a nice time doing so. Including meeting some familiar characters within the gaming experiences as well. Thus the following days were entertaining and a bit fun.

As for the E3 expo convention as a whole though, the set-up for how it is now, could be better suited. Having free giveaways with needing to stand in the line in order to receive them, is asking a bit much. The entry passes to get into this event, is a lot of money, on top of that adding fee's for food and hotel expenses, and then having to wait several hours just to get or do this or that. It says a lot and said free items should be as they are, free as hand outs, not needing to wait it out to receive it which is a gamble of a chance too.

All in all though, E3 is a gaming event to those who enjoy gaming of all shapes and sizes. But not for all ages, as no one under the age of 17 is admitted, this being an adult freely convention expo event. Allowing for those to take in what is being offered there. In fact, E3 may just be one of those types of convention expos you just need to experience once to get an idea of what to expect, other conventions or expos in similarity may be more adjustable and fun.

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