Metalcore band BLACK LIGHT have their first album "Storms and Shades" tucked under their belts, that came out in the summer of 2016. Then are currently at work upon their upcoming EP released titled "Set Yourself Ablaze", with their single off it called "Map Of Truth" out now found HERE. The band goes into much discussion about themselves, their music, and wanting to grow as not just musicians but as a band as well.

1. Give a brief history of your band, and the members.

Oh yeah so , where to start…the current band line-up is completely different from what it started and we almost come from different places, except for Nicholas (guitar) and Mattia (drums), who are brother and started it all. The starting sound was also another thing, it was kind of a hard rock/alternative rock mix, and then we ended up playing metalcore! Kinda different, don’t you think so?

2. Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that?

We could say it quite came by itself. The "Black" was chosen to express our inner darkness, which is nothing different from someone else’s one like, we’re not satanic, cursed of what, but everyone’s got a dark, pissed-off, sad and tired side. You can let it destroy yourself or make it useful, and so we wanted to turn it into something we could be proud of, and so, that’s what the "Black" means. One word to describe this all! For the "Light" we were thinking about our future. Like, yeah we liked that contrast this word made with the "Black" but we chose the "Light" to give clarity to our path. It is the hope we have on the rudest step, the warmth coming when our future seems to freeze, and it’s a way to view the finish line of what we want to achieve, like "there is always light at the end of the tunnel."

3. What genre does the band play and why did you want to play this particular genre?

As we said before, after have experienced many genres before finding ourselves, we settled in metal core, because you can find everything into it, aggression, depth, emotion….you know the particular thing in metalcore is that all the heaviness can flow into an unexpected catchy chorus, which can be super-melodic, and intimate. It’s like when the sun starts to show up after a full night into mosh pits. Then this changes again, and you end up in the bridge which is often the heaviest breakdown of the song, and that’s where you can go crazy and destroy everything around you, and feel every part of your body filled with adrenaline. We want to give this to our audience, because we feel like that, all the time!

4. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

Not really, only the two brothers did, obviously, Lou (vocals) is french and quit his home country to join the project, Matteo was found in a hidden village between two hills. But we are the line-up this band needed, we want to get over ourselves and spread our music in all the world!

5. Do you write your own songs?

Of course we do, everything that we feel can be found into our music, that’s the great thing about writing it ourselves.

6. What are the songs about?

The songs are often about social topics. We spit our hate to everything that makes us "fit" into something, we try express the feeling of being about to explode. Not necessarily the four of us, we want everybody to find some parts of themselves in our music. it speaks of insecurity, anxiety, and very often about the daily questions of what everything you fall into so fast when you grow up means.

7. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

It depends a lot on the members, each members have different musical influences, and so that gives various tastes to our music. Mattia and Nicholas are huge Asking Alexandria, Bad Omens and Miss May I fans, that’s how the band started taking the metalcore way, Matteo likes Ryan Martini’s from Mudvayne baselines a lot, and his bassist inspiration comes from that, while Lou is a big Corey Taylor’s fan, that made him wanting to switch between melody and heaviness even more. Our non-musical influences can come from sci - fi movies and TV series, but also social comedy - dramas, or dark humor cartoons. Then we can also get inspired by the world surrounding us, it can be a sound from it, something we see, a person which stays in our mind…there’s so many things you can get inspired from!

8. What releases do you have under your belts thus far into your career as musicians?

We released our first studio album, "Storms and Shades" in June 2016. It was with a small Italian label and our style was still not completely settled. You can find grunge songs, alternative metal ones, some kind of thrash metal-inspired metalcore….. our upcoming EP’s style is way more solid. It will be called "Set Yourself Ablaze" and is gonna be released on label Sliptrick Records, which we work with now. Our debut single is already out, by the way! It's name is "Map Of Truth" and it’s  available
for purchase. You could find the links to buy it on our website now here:

9. Do you have any new music in the works at this time?

Of course, and its shape is keep changing, for both the musical and lyrical style! Metalcore is one of the most recent-born metal styles, and so its constantly evolving, so we want to experience all its depth and the new elements it can give us, then we will give this all to our audience.

10. What other plans do you have for this year?

Oh, well, we have a lot of. We’re planning an European tour, a video clip, and we’re working our ass off to settle us into the music business and grow as a full - working band. We moved to Latvia some
months ago and have the luck to be supported by Sliptrick Records for every aspects of our path. We are very excited for everything that will come after!

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