Visionoir - The Waving Flame of Oblivion

When it comes to sole only types of projects, it takes a lot of guts with even more determination to make it all worth wild of a listen. In the case and matters of an act titled Visionoir, the alter ego of Alessandro Sicur, who has gone on to write and record material towards what is this album "The Waving Flame of Oblivion". His working's of this as a whole, is progressive, as he does the handling of all the instrumentation, from the keyboard, synths, guitars, bass, and electronic drums. This guy does it all and does so very well. His craft is cunning yet energy driven.

While most of his work provided here, is progressively based content, a lot of it has sense of post rock, mixed in with some elements of doom metal, crossed with dark wave, blended with hints of gothic metal, that becomes a rather mix bag. It is far from it, because that is the variety of what this album brings to the listener. Such a wide range of genre choices, it is more for the taking than anything else, because that is how Visionoir works his music creativity. Like take some of his influencers, like Morricone, Black Sabbath, Goblin King, King Crimson, Ozric Tentacles, and Candlemass.

When listening to this album, especially tracks like "The Hollow Man", you hear all that is behind the influencing within this track, and the entirety of this album really. Like besides that track, there are others as well, such as "Shadowplay", "Coldwaves", and "Godspeed Radio Galaxy", which just so happens to be an added bonus track. All of these, really set up what this album has, besides the array of genre mixing's, there is so much more to it. The way of how the music is played is very driven, making it more visual and entrancing at times, when just listening to it. There may not be any vocalization provided except for some minor sound bites placed throughout here and there. While the remainder is mostly music, it makes the whole listening experience so memorable there is no need for anything more.

It's how this album works out best, "The Waving Flame of Oblivion", by Visionoir, is truly a stunning work of art, as well as craft. No other way of wording it, other than, a one man act with a way with music.

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