A Room Swept White - Taught To Fail

When listening to the debut album "Taught To Fail", by post hardcore act A Room Swept White, there were no words to describe it. The band labels themselves as post hardcore, which is displayed clearly upon this release, as well as the rest of their catalog of content. Upon this album is just an array of tracks, that all sound the same, each one varying slightly from one another, but very much sounding so much alike, it was hard to tell between the tracks at some times throughout the listening period. A Room Swept White's style may depict a genre choice of their choosing, which sounds quite fair, instruments and vocal work, share parts, each demonstrating what they can do, within each number of tracks given, as the entire album just plays off as being intense and heavy. Not much else to go off than, this album just being a type of release, that has plenty of potential for expansion and growth.

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