Sepulchral - Back from the Dead

"Back from the Dead", is the album to cause quite the chatter for old school death metallers Sepulchral. For it is this one album, that has their vocalization style be nothing like previous old school death metal vocalists of the past or present. Literally every one of their tracks off this album just give off this vocalization that has not been heard very often before. "Putrefying Mass", "Internal Decomposition", and "Vampirus Spectrum", are just some of the more provoking tracks to offer from this album. When listening to each of these, you get a totally different feel of direction, ranging from the vocals sounding more driven in such intensity that they sound off putting, making them more appealing with their tones of growl and screams. Whereas the instrumentals on each of the tracks is more solid, having a pacing rhythm section, that makes the music run its ground fast and hard. Like how the music just creates this never ending depth, that never gives up. Most likely, the album as a whole piece, is just as the title claims, "Back from the Dead", is very much how Sepulchral sounds, like the actual dead, if they were not dead but alive, if that makes much sense at all.

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