Deus Otiosus - Opposer

Deus Otiosus is doing what acts before them had done, such as Death or Possessed for instance. Their style of choice being a combination of death metal meets thrash metal, their material being very heavy, if not intense throughout. Upon what is their fourth album thus far, "Opposer", is the latest to come from Deus Otiosus. This album, taking on what is probably the two genres at once, but having their material sound very much like the acts that came before, as such as the one's named prior. That is the style, that is very much all over this release of their very own. This album being fast, if not going ever so faster, as the album progresses forward. Like for instance take on the tracks titled "Disturbing The Dead", "Haunter", "To The Graves" and "Greater Horror", these just some of the few tracks to take away from the album as a whole. These tracks showing off, the fasting method of form, you get guitar riffs, drum beats that blast away, as the bass chimes in, having vocal chords being fierce and just as intense with everything going into overtime at once. In other words, "Opposer", is an album that stacks on all things fast, the way a metal act should be.

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