Execrine - Ascension

Exocrine's "Ascension" album is just one of those albums that just counts. It has a lot riding on it, offering not just technical death metal, mixed in with other genres of the death metal form, but has a boundary that goes out of bounds at any time. In other words, it becomes an album that does not matter so to speak. "Terra", "Alpha (Chapter I: Exode)", "Eternal Solitude (Chapter II: The Ascension)", for instance, take on this in-depth out of the way, no bounds approach, that it becomes more of a refresher. Taking on new meaning, that the music just sounds fresher, an out of body experience as it were. The instruments and vocals for the most part, sound massive yet brutalizing if not even edgy at times. It's as if the guitars, drums, and bass drive the force of the music into a direction, that makes it sound like a discord of chaos. If that is not enough, the vocals are just flawless in value, while an extra element with some use of keyboard arrangements adds in a more melodic feel, making the production be quite superb in all forms really. "Ascension", is an album by Execrine that does everything right.

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