Red Dead - Therapy Of The Evil

Red Dead a death metal act whose genre of choice, has turned to the source that is their debut album titled "Therapy Of The Evil". This album packs it in, with such numbers as "All Hollows Evening", a track that has quite to offer, its intensity is fast paced, energy driven, everything work in the favor of another one, as it becomes quite the experience to listen in on. With that track leading in others ranging from "Nightmares", "Cut and Kill", "Vengeance", "Brewer of Death", with "Demons Visions", coming in as well, all of which bring out the most for this album. When you are listening to these selections here, you get tossed with lots of riffs, constant pacing, with flowing energy amounts, that the music just becomes flawless. The persist amount of keeping it all in check, makes the music more progressive, if not even aggressive at times, with the intenseness of all going on. Red Dead's debut album "Therapy Of The Evil", is a fairly good start, with what is shown here, having them branch out further, building up from what they got here, which is good enough to say the least.

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