Skinweaver - Gratification Eternal

Skinweaver's debut album that goes by the namesake that is "Gratification Eternal", is the one that makes it an album that truly brings it all out into the open. As soon as the first track starts off, that being "Apotemnophilia", you are struck with such force, you do not know how to react to such a force. How the instruments and vocal chords interact within this opening number, is simply one word amazing! It makes the rest of the album an experience to take in really. Like "Salvation", "Knee Deep in the Flesh", and "Suffer Endless", are just the tips if what else this album brings to the table. These tracks creating what could easily be endlessly amounts of content for future working's by Skinweaver. Literally, the material showcased here is truly endless that it just works that way, it sounds like each of these tracks just flow right into one another, that you find yourselves eager for more. If not finding yourself even begging for it, Skinweaver's fast paced momentum, makes the energy of this album persistent, making it a solid title that needs to be heard right now!

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