Frakasm - Centuries Of Decline

Whatever the genre, who is at the helm of it, can take control of it, allowing for it as well as others to develop it, experiment, taking it further than that it is then and there. This is the case for the likes of Frakasm and their album "Centuries Of Decline". An album that brings out the most within the death metal genre, as it sees Frakasm's work here being perhaps the purest of the genre, with this album? Perhaps so, when the album begins with "Reaper's Return", you get thrown in a loop with its progressive screaming tactics, of which are growls and plain old screams, making the material more or less, quite sound. This then follows suite with other tracks off the album, such as  "Cerebral Torture", "Treachery", and "In The Womb". Now these take on the experimental elements of the death metal genre, we already know, from other acts like Death, Deicide, or even Cannibal Corpse. Like those acts, Frakasm does so much better. For instance the good technique use of each instrument is well played here, as lots of guitar solos and riffs are performed, allowing for the drum and bass work, to come up from behind, creating a more edgier rift between them all. It's how the album really plays itself out really, all of which working together to create various elemental factors, that make the music much more experimental yet still death metal to its finest form possible. "Centuries Of Decline", has got its moments, which makes the album, a good piece of work.

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