Psychobolia – Chiaroscuro

Psychobolia's latest offering to the masses of the metal scene, is their album titled "Chiaroscuro". This title was released through Great Dane Records, a label known for its metal roster of acts, one is of course Psychobolia. Since their arrival to the label, this album of theirs has been quite the listening experience and exposure as it were. For this album, has gotten quite the buzz being said about it, hence the exposure, many saying how this album is very experimental, taking on the death metal genre like never before. This album being nothing like their previous albums for the most part. This album of the death metal genre being more forward and onward of the genre, as it pushes the material ever so further, into a more wider range of content and workmanship. Like for example take the track that goes by the name of "Feast Of Pills", it opens up the album and does so nicely. It has this drumming beat up that makes the music thunderous and heavy, having the style bring to mind such an act as Krisiun. Whilst another track off the album like "Oxygen", aims for another direction source, takig the drums into another area as they clash against the guitar riffs and bass line, making it more or less a track that is intense nothing more, or less for that matter. The rest of the album having other tracks like "Altar", "Killing Void", and "Silent Mistakes", are more catchier with their riff use, creating a speed energy that keeps the music ever flowing, the intensity remains loud and proud. Psychobolia's "Chiaroscuro", overall is a piece of work, bringing out a brutality with the right amount of intensity tossed in for good measure, keeping the music all what we like most heavy!

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