The Lotus - Five Days To Shine

The Lotus next offering at hand is a track titled "Five Days To Shine". This next single is one that is a lot like the other previous single releases they have released to the masses. This little number though, is slightly different though, for the melody is enhanced by being more in-depth with the vocals and instrumentals. As the two intertwine with one another, creating this sensation that makes the music pop. Not turning into the pop genre, just getting into the flow of the it more so than normal. The track even sounds as if it is not as long as it even is really. When listening to it at first glance, it sounds as if you hear it one minute, then the next it is over. When in reality the track is quite lengthy with its time framing. In short, The Lotus have got another track here that makes this piece of "Five Days To Shine", to be a solid piece of craft, cunning, and timeless effort.

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