Samadhi Sitaram - KaliYuga Babalon

Where to even begin with an act such as Samadhi Sitaram. Their sophomore album titled "KaliYuga Babalon", is shall we say destructive yet direct. Their music being experimental crossed with metal, mixed with black metal, that you end up with an act that is just hard to pin point where they belong exactly. The music is there which is a good point, but who are they really, what makes their music so disturbing it works in their favor so willingly that it bothers all else. Their material is known as dark and edgy whilst, their music is more on the experimental side, with elements of other metal genres, like the noted black metal, with others mixed in as well, death metal, deathcore, and heaviness that is true electronic. Blend them together, you end up with this album  "KaliYuga Babalon". In short, it is an album that is weird yet heavy throughout. There as well being, direction that pulls you in with its vocalization, creating a style that makes you shiver with its in-depth growls, with screeching screams, echoing everything else into a bellowing mannerism. It is good fun, with great experimentation that flows. Samadhi Sitaram is just an act for its time, that will wonder some, and weird out many others. Whereas their album "KaliYuga Babalon", is something else that just speaks for itself.

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