Fleshdoll - Hearts Of Darkness

Fleshdoll may sound like a name of an up-and-coming doll line, but believe it or not, it is not. Sadly there is no such thing as of yet anyway as a Fleshdoll. But maybe someday there will be. Any who, Fleshdoll is actually the name of a death metal band, whose fifth album to date "Hearts Of Darkness", just happens to fall within the category of the death metal genre. Their style being very much like Vital Remains crossed with Vader or even Death Angel at times. When listening in really, you just get hit with lots of fast neck pacing, guitar structure mixing in with the bass lines, that creates a tone, set for the drums to create persist blast beats, that allows for the vocal chords to just chime in, making it all stick together. It's like, all of the music coming together, to make a whirlwind effort of music. you get fast intensity that just hits you silly, but still brings it all out for you to take in at once. Like for example tracks like "Silent Forces Of Stone", "Room 101", "Into the Abyss", and "Blood Red Path", are some of the few, that do this set-up. While the rest of the album, just brings the rest of it, into this same formula, creating something that is worthy of a listen, just keeping it altogether to make something edgy and still progressive. Fleshdoll have got skills, it is shown within this release, whatever else they got left, will slowly seep in, building upon what is already here.

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