Death Control - Awaiting Us All

Death Control may have had some setbacks during their time together, but all of that is put behind them now, with the release of their new album "Awaiting Us All". An album of which, takes on several genres at once, hearing elements of thrash metal, death metal, and hardcore as well. Like the instrumentals given from the guitars, bass, and drums are all demonstrated as thrash metal elements, while the vocal chords push a more hardcore meets death metal aspect. A lot of it is heard within tracks like "The Beast", "Exhume To Perfume", and "Satisfy Your Urges". These here, are the ones that suck you inward, giving you a douse of power, progression, and true aggression, in the form of the music. If neck breaking is what gets you going, then here is the headbanging material to do such a thing for you. The rest of "Awaiting Us All", is an album for Death Control, that just delivers, the punches of rawness and power. It showcasing what they got handy and where they will be taking the rest of it moving forward.

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