19th Moon - Don't Wait

19th Moon emerged back in 2011, when she decided that enough was enough. She would stop all that was going on at that time in the moment. Going on to focus upon herself, writing and creating music. 19th Moon or Moon for short, working on various projects day in and day out for bands and artists in the studio, she would then turn to releasing her own content of EP releases and singles as well. Her latest in which is a track called "Don't Wait". This track being centered around the electronic, pop, and alternative genres, creating a song that is creative and decent. Her vocalization style is upbeat, catching, and rather captivating at times, of how it connects so willingly to the music. When listening in, to how the two work one another, it makes "Don't Wait", become rather uplifting and pleasant. That's how 19th Moon works her magic, with her music, this track "Don't Wait", being a throwback effort, that accompanies a modern feel with its vibrations of essence yet good times, with upbeat momentums that keeps it all moving. It's the way of the beat, and how 19th Moon should keep her music cycling forward.

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