Scarlet Canary Releases "Spectral" Video

Scarlet Canary has released a new video of the song called "Spectral". When asked about the song the band goes on to say; "Have you ever lost someone in a tragedy and then found that you can't enjoy some of the same places or activities later in life without them? We tried to capture that feeling with our song 'Spectral' off of our EP "Arise." The new music video just released today and its one of the most dear to our heart tracks on the album.

For us the song hits home when we drive by a bar in Aurora, CO called the Emerald Isle. We used to sing karaoke there with a dear friend that took their life back in 2016. Ever since we haven't been able to go back there. That emotion of "nostalgic depression" is hard to describe, but "Spectral", captures that feeling at least for us.

"Lost souls they never go home. We cling to them like vices. Ashes and stone." - lyrics from Spectral

Please enjoy the video and just know, no matter what you re going through music is always there for you. At the very least it's always been there for us."

Check out the video HERE.

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