Claudia Norris - Say Yes

Claudia Norris was one of those artists who needed to be searched upon. After researching her, it turned out to lead to someone who was quite surprising in more ways than one. One of those being most notably her appearance, gota say this women has a figure but it fits her in a good way. Not just that but it is all about her voice more than anything. While her figure does play a role and is noticeable, that is nothing in comparison  to her vocal chords, in the latest track "Say Yes" off the album "Nashville Songwriting Sessions".

This track brings out the essence of how Claudia sounds and is as an individual. Her style of music being a combination to that of pop, country, and folk infused tracks that are fun, upbeat, and catchy, but have a whole another meaning that tends to resonate on a more deeper level. Where this all comes from is the lyrics, revolving about body positivity, anti-bullying, and believing in yourself are just some of the messages within her song writing tactics she takes to heart, body, and soul when crafting one of two of her biggest passions in life music, and the other being more feminine to that is make-up!

But besides having a passion for the powdery substances, like foundation, lipsticks and gloss, it is the music of where it is at for Claudia Norris. "Say Yes", is a lot like her other works, this track is much more newer and better grounded than the rest. This track detailing the everyday lifestyle of just saying yes. No matter what it is in question, just "Say Yes", and go for it. That is all it is to it really, when it comes to the context of this track in particular. Whatever it is you may be doing out in your everyday life, you find yourself just say yes, go with it, because might as well, and you will not be around forever so just do it, so to speak. Which is a fine meaning to go bye, if you have the means to do so.

The track in general though is nice, having a steady yet pacing beat to it, vocalization being in tune and  check with the instrumentals, as it all played out rather nicely, bringing it altogether. In shorter terms, it just had the song work out well enough that it sounds just right. Claudia Norris' is a person of inspiration, wanting to make those feel good while being fun about it. Allowing them to be the best they can be from the inside and outside too. As for "Say Yes", taken from the "Nashville Songwriting Sessions", album, it is a track with an accompanying album that will follow suite in line with everything else she has out thus far, creating more everlasting content that will guide others just as she has done for them.

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