Dynamos - Knowledge

Back in the fall of 2017 was when Dynamos released their single simply titled "Shake, Rattle And Roll". After that single was released some time was spent on making newer music including most recent single being a track titled "Knowledge". The single being released prior to its official release, through the use of a music video, this giving you an idea as to which direction they went with next, as far as music. Which as it turns out is not much direction or change for that matter.

"Knowledge", in the music video sense plays off as if the band is performing, it being a performance video, but it appears as if they are performing as if they were a television or even film project, like one of those live in studio performance segments. That is precisely how the music video plays off to be by the looks and feels of it for the most part. In terms of the song's content, it plays off as being crude and raw, like being forced even when detailing the context of going off about this person, who knows nothing about this other person, there being a mystery to it. But then there is a little something because this person does know some details not much but some, it just becomes hard to catch on at times. But that is just the concept of the song's meaning  and music video that accompanies it.

As for the music itself, now that plays off into being strictly rock n' roll mixed in with some psychobilly. That is the vibe and energy given off for it, the instruments of the guitar, bass, and drums really working together, that drives the music forward, directing it to be edgy yet aggressive too. Whereas the vocal chords, give off this flare of spunk, with loads of momentum, like pure adrenaline. The vocals this time around just being more centered, grounded, that they give off this high pulsing angst about them. It has to be the way they are provided, they sound this way but also that way, making it so much more interesting to the ear of the listener.

That said, Dynamos' "Knowledge", is their latest piece of efforts, that gets the job to which it is rock music with some punk thrown in for good measure, rather nicely. You will surely get a kicker out how Dynamos manages to sound the same but adds a little bit of essence to give it, their all.


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