Audrey Horne's Toschie Talks of the Blackout and Persistence in Touring

Audrey Horne started back in 2002, releasing a handful of material left and right, including most recent being titled "Blackout". This arriving with such a force of massive amount of hard rock angst, that this release will leave an array of anthem's, fist pumping tracks, with so much momentum there is merely nothing left. Vocalist Toschie talks of the latest single, the album, and their future!

1. Give a brief history of Audrey Horne, music style, and the members behind it?

Toschie: We started the band in 2002 with the same line up as today except we had Tom Cato Visnes aka King ov hell on bass and Herbrand Larsen on keyboard. Around 2010 we got Espen Lien in on bass and started shifting towards a more classic hard rock sound. After the release of our 4th album “Youngblood” we decided to drop a keyboard player in our line up (even though we still have keys on our albums) Today we are a tight unit and happy with the line up, our style of music and in general feel more solid than ever.

2. Can you tell me about your latest single titled "Satellite", why was this song choosen for said single, and will it be receiving a video treatment?

Toschie: We chose it because we felt it represented a different side to our music, especially after having drop two songs like This is war and Audrevolution. We are pretty diverse as a band when it comes to our taste in music, and Satellite is a song that we have wanted to do for quite some time now. A lot of the late 70´s and early 80´s rock music has had a huge impact on us, also the softer one like Boston, Journey, Foregner and Rick Springfield to name a few. This song is in many way our way of showing our love for that.

3. "Satellite", comes from the album "Blackout", give in more detail, some information about your album "Blackout" and how did it come to be what it is now?

Toschie: It was recorded at Fort Knox studio in Bergen, Norway, located on the docks, and we worked with producer Kato Aadland who some of us have known for years. He usually does more main stream pop music, but we knew that he had a love for hard rock and heavy metal and is also an amazing guitar player. We recorded most of it live in studio and added tracks of extra guitars, vocals and keys etc. Kato also mixed it together with Iver Sandy, who we have worked with on both Youngblood and Pure Heavy. Iver also handled the Mastering in his studio called Solslottet (The sun castle). We spent the last 3 years writing songs for this album, and at it´s peak we had around 70 ideas to work from, and what we believed to be the strongest ones ended up on this album.

4. What does the album artwork for "Blackout" represent for the music that appears on said album?

Toschie: Well, as we feel our music is strongly based on the bands and music from the 70´s and 80´s we wanted to have a more classic artwork for this album. Something that was not so based on photo shop, but more "real". I was very inspired by Storm Thorgerson who did artwork for Pink Floyd, UFO, Led Zeppelin and many others. We based it on the stage outfit I usually wear and added the octopus to give the picture an element of awkwardness. The photographer who took the picture suggested to put me in water to add an element that linked the person and the octopus. It is a picture that is not meant to give an answer, but rather ask questions, much like the work of Storm Thorgerson. (Take Wish you were here by Pink Floyd for example). It is a one shot picture without anything added in photo shop, so I feel it stands well with the music which is recorded pretty much live.

5. How does the music relate to the album's title "Blackout"?

Toschie: Like I just said I feel the spirit of the artwork and the spirit of the music is based on the same idea: do things as real as possible.

6. What other songs will be made into singles and or videos for this particular album?

Toschie: We have no plans for that yet, I guess that depends on the feedback we get on the songs, after all a single is nearly a promotion tool. We are proud of every song on this album, so as far as we ar concerned our label can release which ever song they want as the next single, but if I should choose one I would go for the title track.

7. What inspires Audrey Horn's music and lyrical writing? What do said lyrics discuss?

Toschie: We are inspired by all kinds of music, modern and old, soft and hard. Lyrics are inspired by first of all the music. A lot of it comes to my mind as we jam on the basic idea of the song. More or less "backtalk", but further on I get inspired by books, movies, the tattoo culture (I work as a tattoo artist as well), and other musicians lyrics. Sometimes I can pick up on someone else's way of looking at something and get inspired by that. The lyrics on this album are more or less about the same as on our previous albums: Life love and death and anything in-between there. If you find a meaning in them then that is yours for the taking.

8. Which acts would you say you take inspiration from when creating your craft?

Toschie: Like I said we are a diverse band, but we do have love for bands with an attitude like Kiss, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe but at the same time the great songwriters like The Beatles, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen.

9. How did the band come up with the name Audrey Horne?

Toschie: By pure coincidence. I used to be in a band called Sylvia Wane, (a fictional female name), and the others liked that idea, and at the time someone was watching Twin Peaks and suggested Audrey Horne. simple as that really.

10. What does the band plan on doing in the mean time?

Toschie: We just came home from an amazing tour in Europe, a short but intense one. We are doing more shows in Norway next up, and then we plan to do a second leg of the European tour and then we have a bunch of festivals over the summer. After that we have very few plans yet, but will let everyone know as soon as we do.

11. Have any other messages to our readers?

Toschie: Check out our new album and play it loud enough to let your neighbor hear it too. And hopefully we get to tour the U.S. soon.

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