Eye Remain Gets Signed and Releases New Album "Repeat Offender"

Eye Remain have announced their signing with Swimming With Sharks Entertainment, making this a world wide distribution deal for the band. As they have just released their newest offering in the form of "Repeat Offender" out now! The album was recorded by Lance Eichler at Red Wolf Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out the tracklisting, album artwork, and streaming of the album via Spotify below!


1. 46 BC
2. 87 Renegade
3. Guilt
4. Killed or Worse
5. Manic
6. One Shot Away
7. Rebirth
8. Repeat Offender
9. Waste of Skin

Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/05mzmTyDNXq9NjxmcdqY8y?si=pGqtqt79RB23VgjKrUp2Iw

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