Voice Of Addiction - The Lost Art Of Empathy

America how you have changed for the better and the worse, which is why punk music comes into play with acts like Voice Of Addiction, who have risen to power since forming way back when.

When the band released their self-titled debut album back in 2004, who would ever think that not only would Voice Of Addiction would still be here a decade later, but so would the world especially in its mix matched shape. That said, "The Lost Art Of Empathy" is the latest and newest release by these punk rockers. It follows the same path that they have been trekking all this time, dealing with the likes of America, politics, and much more.

That said, "The Lost Art Of Empathy", is a 12-track release, with its assorted tracks ranging between the 1-4 minute mark, per track, so you get your typical if not average punk arrangement with track quality and punk sound. These guys really brought to mind another Americanized type of act called Anti-Flag, who bring forth the same formula. Both of which, bring not only similar lyrical context but music style as well.

When it comes to such tracks as "Dead By Dawn", "Unity", "I Can't Breathe", and "Everything Must Go", each of these contain that rush of energy, that gets to you. You want to bang your head, scream, shout, kick, do it all really, because of that angst of music playing through. It builds up that power to want to enjoy the music, but find it entertaining  too. It's just music you can expect to be a lot of fun.

That is really what Voice Of Addiction has done with this release. It has a lot of classic punk rock tunes, in similar fashion to other acts within the scene, but it provides an experience that you will remember. It's fast, aggressive, and loads of fun to hear from start to finish.

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