The Jason Gisser Band - The River

Many more, is the best way to describe an act such as The Jason Gisser Band. Who have done a lot if not more, many more as they tend to use that term a bit. That said, they have gone on to play shows, including sold out one's, as well as a number of festivals, tours, and then some. Many more things to come from them, including a recent release in the form of an EP titled "The River".

A simple release, consisting of 2 tracks in all, as opposed to a number of tracks but again The Jason Gisser Band prefers to keep it simple. The EP kicks things off with the title track, an acoustic electric take of the soul rock genre, so think country meets rock with some soul influence, and that is what you get with this delivery of said track. Next up is the follow-up track called "Monster". Now this track is a lot like the previous track, except it is more soul rock based, having lots of harmony, emotion, and passion thrown together to create true feeling. Which is what you can hear within the vocal and instrumentals provided. All of which, really play off one another, and do it well and willingly enough. The two tracks really just groove together off one another, to sound downright fun and upbeat yet highly entertaining if at that.

All in all though The Jason Gisser Band is one of those acts, who has got a lot going on, with many more activities and a series of events on the horizon to boot. Surely fans of hard rock, soft rock, as well as country rock, will dig up these guys, because they are one groovy moving act to follow.

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