Mist Of Misery Releases New Song

Swedish Symphonic DSBM act MIST OF MISERY is going to disclose two new mini albums, a year upon their successful full length "Absence". The first chapter — a mini album entitled as "Shackles of Life" — is going to be released via Black Lion Records at the end of the running month.

Mist of Misery comments, "Shackles of Life is the title track for the first EP in the duo release that Mist of Misery is about to unleash,” Mist of Misery comment. “We already released a song with the exact same title many years ago, but this new track is re-written from scratch and features some of the bands most emotionally charged music and lyrics to date. It is an epic DSBM anthem that truly crystallizes what the band is all about in many ways."

Deicbel Magazine exclusively Streamed the title track of the mini album, which can be found HERE.

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