On August 4th, Kosaka Daimaou, the producer of the global superstar, PIKOTARO, announced via bis blog that he was married on August 3rd.

His bride is Hitomi Yasueda, a TV talent. Kosaka Daimaou announced the following: “To everyone who’ve always supported me, after being around for 44 years, I never thought I would write something like this… At age 44 - the same as Randy Bass’s number… (former Hanshin Tigers baseball player) I got married with my long-time girlfriend, Hitomi Yasueda, yesterday, on August 3rd. “

He also added the following happy comments: “I am a grown-up, but my wife and I are still inexperienced, however, we want to build a happy family together. For example, we pick up the rolling chopsticks from the floor and open the window together to let the dragonfly out of the classroom (anyway, I can’t give good examples).  Seriously though, I will work hard to make a good life for us.”

Also, PIKOTARO has sent this comment: “Hi, it’s PIKOTARO. I feel that they are like a turtle and cow, a rain cloud and red bean and Machu Picchu and Nedved. Sorry, I can’t give good examples.They get along so well, they are like me and my wife Tami (78 years old). The four of us will work hard together! Yoropiko omedeto - gozaima Piko! “

 Also, PIKOTARO’s mysterious wife Tami was revealed first time to the world  in the picture that was posted in the blog this time. Kosaka Daimaou’s wife Yasueda commented; “He always makes me laugh and we have great time together, so I hope to build a happy family.”

Kosaka Daimaou is experiencing smooth sailing both officially and privately. It is all up to him for PIKOTARO to make a leap forward.

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