C.K. Flash - Empty Mansions

"Flash’s songs and his voice are mesmerizing. You have to listen." says The Huffington Post about the New York go getter that is C.K. Flash or Flash for short. "Empty Mansions", is his latest efforts that makes his music truly refreshing.

That said, this 10-track album takes such tunes as "Lazarus", "Tranquilized", "Queen Caroline", and "Machine Gun", delivering a variety of sorts, in terms of sounds. You are struck with such a wide range of instruments it is really entertaining to say the least. Like on "Machine Gun", brings forth the harmonica, while "Queen Caroline", preserves the sounds of the tambourine slowly but surely within its track. Whilst the other tracks that are "Lazarus" and "Tranquilized", consist of the more laid back, rock terms of music. It may be a mix match of sounds but they work so well together on each of these tracks, let alone this whole album pretty much. It gives you a different experience and exposure that you can enjoy and really smile when listening in. The vocal work and instruments working hand in hand with one another, that the vocals perform a quality in progression, while the instruments do an aggression of play time. It is as if the two are working together but then a part as well, you get this feeling of difference yet equality between them.

C.K. Flash's album "Empty Mansion" is one of those artists with an album that is determined to make a difference through his music and poetry of the words as well. It goes into greater detail that C.K. Flash went into this album speaking of the modern day issues, like politics, racism, division and corruption by telling stories of love, loss, heartache and salvation. Thus, C.K. Flash has an indie rock sound, with a soul rock pride that keeps his music active all the time.

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