Electric Lords - High Voltage Kingdom

Ah psychedelic and stoner rock, if you are not aware of these types of genres, it basically is a certain style of the rock n' roll genre, except it uses various beats, tones, and melodies to make the music sound more unique. The stoner rock is a term used for those who pursue the use of smoking not a cigarette but a type of drug known as weed or marijuana. Supposedly if you smoke weed it makes the environment seem more different to the eyes and ears in question of the smoker. So pretty much you get your own experience as it were when listening to said music, if you are indeed a smoker of that stuff.

Whatever the case may be though, Electric Lords have released their latest and newest album to date called "High Voltage Kingdom". A release of 8-tracks one of which features a guest appearance and a live track from the DTH Studios as some bonuses. As far as the content itself goes, it is truly rock n' roll based material, except more energized and fun. The instrumentals used are quick witted, loud, and proud, whilst the vocal chords are more loud but laid back. Both of which work hand in hand with one another, allowing for the music to explore its craft of creativity rather easily.

Nevertheless though, Electric Lord's album that is "High Voltage Kingdom", is a solid piece of work, containing a use of formula that works in their favor, as best as possible. All of the tracks offered off this release, are consisted with one another, packing one powerful punch of energy, that is highly entertaining yet tons of fun!

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