Calling For Eden - Simple Reasons

Calling For Eden is taking the likes of the metal genre when it comes to its member line-up that is, because this eight member piece, is one act that takes rock n' roll to a whole another level. These rock n' rollers have taken rock, funk, blues, country, jazz, as well as alternative to create something that is truly outstanding and unique.

All of that can be found upon their EP "Simple Reasons". A set of tracks that takes all of these genres combined into something that is really something else altogether. You have such tracks as "Simple Is The Reason", to "Floreeda", down to "Hindsight", that really embrace these genres, expressing a lot of emotion, meaning, and creative craft. The songs are very expressive, have a lot to offer the listener, lots of upbeat tones, catchy beats, with such moving melodies that has you want to clap your hands, to stomping your feet, right down to dancing to the unstoppable beats. It is just that type of music, that is constantly moving. It makes it so much more fun to the ears.

The band themselves Calling For Eden is one interesting act though. While they may have a bit of a line up to hold them together, it makes the band that more interesting to take in. Due to the fact of such an extensive line-up, so many members makes more of the fun, more development to the songs and music of it all. It makes it all work so well that it stands out more so than it needs to really.
Surely though Calling For Eden's "Simple Reasons" EP is a piece of work, that is well rounded with lots of time and effort put into effect. Any type of music lover will get a groovy kick of this one of a kind act.

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