Burn River Burn - Neustonia

First there was Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Rage Against the Machine, as well as Van Halen, among many others. That was then though and this is now with Burn River Burn.

Gigantic Rawk is their genre term of use but really their style is a mixed up between the acts of the past mentioned before, with the acts of today being the modern day acts such as Burn River Burn. Who in fact have an album to their name called "Neustonia". A follow-up release to their previous self-titled released back in 2011. So it has been sometime since they have released anything new in terms of music.

But time pays off which is the case for Burn River Burn with their album "Neustonia". A real kicker to the old meets new of music, in the case of hard rock, rock n' roll with some dash of grunge thrown in for good measure. That is precisely what you get when you listen to this release by these guys.
When it comes down to the album's track selection you get 11-tracks, each of which shares it's own sense of being. Like take for instance "U Dig", is one is more of an upbeat source of track, being very catchy, aggressive, having an edge to it. While a track like "Sworn to Silence", is more toned down, being more on the level, laid back, at ease if you will, type of track. It allows for the music to be more compelling, easy flowing, having music and vocals work well together.

"Burning Bridges", on the other hand is more in-depth, heavy duty rock n' roll vibes clearly put into place. It really is pleasing to the ear, having the melodies working overtime at time. It is one of those tracks you can bob your head too and just sway back and forth to.

The rest of the material off "Neustonia", is fair, decent quality and sounding, being a source of sound that is hard rock, crossed with easy listening groovy melodies with fist pumping angst that keeps the music alive and well. All in all Burn River Burn is an act that will continue to shine on through the rock n' roll scene with utter most ease.

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