Haze Of Summer - Znoi

Intended to be a one man project, turned into a band project called Haze Of Summer, this whole deal started in 2016, not that long ago. In fact, the band went on to write and record material, that would then be included on what would be their debut album titled "Znoi". This release would take the metal genre, know to many as black metal, except this wouldn't be the typical style to that of other acts like Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, or even Behemoth. Haze Of Summer, would create their own take of the black metal genre, having it has that same formula as these acts, with the fast instrumentals, and somewhat tone of vocals, but on a lot of the tracks off "Znoi", it sounds nothing like those guys releases, not at all.

As a matter of fact, "Znoi", captures a lot of interesting tracks, including "March", "April", "May", and "June". Yes you read right, the band has used month's as their song titles for this release. Why was this, well not quite sure, but these songs alone, really make this release stand out, having it be a solid piece of work, that follows the black metal genre, in some ways, but has Haze Of Summer, stand out above the rest, in a lot of ways. Yes the style may be similar in a sense, but they have crafted together their own style source, and it just works really well. It's heavy hitting, raw, emotional, material that takes you the listener in, and it engulfs you, having you be sent on a musical journey that is black metal magic.

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