Falling In Reverse - Coming Home

Falling In Reverse, an act that has come a long way, changing their style and genre choice, more than once, having to once again approach that path. Does the path open up ever so further, than it previously had done? Perhaps so, perhaps not.....

"Coming Home" the fourth full-length offering from them, is much different from their previous works. Much so in fact, that even the band goes on to state that "It's a huge left turn. It sounds like nothing we've ever done. Every song is very vibey. There's more feeling in it, instead of a lot of metal." Going on further to state that "We're challenging ourselves now, more than we ever have in the weirdest ways possible, because you would think writing the craziest solo or riffs would be the challenging part. But the challenging part is trying to stick to a theme and not go all over the place like we would normally do." This was all said in January of 2016. A year and some months later, the band would go on to release several songs off said album, they would title "Coming Home", as previous mentioned, titling it after their first release single, of the same namesake, "Coming Home".
The first song, to be released to the public and fans alike, both old and new, the style and sound wasn't accepted well at first. After the song was left alone for a few days, fans learned to accept it, and enjoy the new style and sound the band ended up going with, it was a style and sound wave that would be, in similar fashion to other acts like well there aren't any to compare this too as of right now.

But the style, is indeed very different and does take that left turn, the band discussed beforehand. It can be heard throughout the album, ranging from such songs as "Loser", "Broken", "I'm Bad At Life", "I Don't Mind", and "Superhero". These songs sticking out the most, off this album, but the rest of the songs offered, sound just about the same as these do. The vocal chords being very heartfelt, emotional, and energized that they have an overwhelming sense to them. The instrumentals going right along that same path sense, being very emotional and energized, to a point, of where it all blends in together, working so well, that it makes the music flow more so than usual. Like their previous content was very heavily focused, guitar solos and riffs, hitting the listener left and right, whereas here with this album that is "Coming Home", it is more mellow driven, over dramatic, and very easy going, or easy listening.

Falling In Reverse's "Coming Home", is a solid release, that takes a band down yet another path of direction, with both sound, and style choices, having changed them much, over the years. Change here for them, tends to be a good thing, rather than bad thing. It shows how they can expand and grow together as a group. Working together as one, than as individuals, is where it is shown right here, where it is indeed "Coming Home" to stay focused and secure.

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