The Barber - General Thrashing

Russian punk rockers, The Barber have been around since forming back in 2012. Since then they have released several EPs, videos, and full-length albums, including most recent being "General Thrashing". This 10-track album consists of punk rock music, with the added flare of hardcore punk, so imagine Motorhead crossed with Every Time I Die, it's pure raw energy, with countless screams piled on top. That's what is given when listening to "General Thrashing", especially such tracks as "One Same Blood", "Blackened Soul", "Thrill Killing", and "Amen".

When listening to these song selections, and the album as a whole, you get as previously mentioned, raw energy, that has screams from everywhere, that embraces that fast paced momentum. You will have yourself bobbing your head to the beat of the music for sure, if not tapping your feet to it. Surely their tunes keep the energy flowing when performed live, causing the mosh pit and crowd surfers to take control for sure. Generalizing though, The Barber, know what they are doing, when it comes to writing, recording, and releasing music. This album being their latest offering, is top notch quality, and will have these guys moving right along with ease. Like these guys won't have any issue with delivering their music to the masses, because they already can and do so, so well.

"General Thrashing" is a release that captures the essence of the past punk rock scene with the modern day feel of the newer punk rock scene. It takes in from both sides, really embracing the music that any music listener will enjoy.

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