Gavin DeGraw - Something Worth Saving

Gavin DeGraw came into my life, watching his videos on MTV, VH1, and hearing him on the radio, way back when, when his debut album "Chariot" (2003) struck a chord, with one and all. Now 13 lucky years or unlucky years, if you pay attention to the number, have gone by, and album number six, six, six, is upon him, titled "Something Worth Saving". This release seeing two songs already taking notice, across the web and radio airwaves, i.e. "She Sets the City on Fire", as well as "Making Love with the Radio On". He's been also making the TV circuit, pushing this release, like no tomorrow, even going out on tour, but does this sixth album, live up to the past releases, by the iconic artist.

Well.... it just so happens, that "Something Worth Saving", and it's two tracks, provide a more "modern" feel for Gavin DeGraw's style and approach to music making. He's said so himself on how he's written some songs, but a few were written by others, with him at their side. So this could be good or bad. In this case, the songs on this release, are quite decent to say the least. The two current trending tracks, really draw you into the music, for one thing, are rather upbeat, catchy, the typical formula to get you into the music, if you will.
While the rest of the album, takes a step back, really embracing that modern approach, its Gavin's style, we all know and love, but it's more for the modern day and age, of today's music scene. It is again his style, but it doesn't revisit his true classic style, that was held within "Chariot" (2003). If that was the style you were hoping to hear, on "Something Worth Saving", it isn't presented here. More upbeat, catchier, and as said, "modernized" tracks and styles is presented in its place, which again isn't so bad, just good, but could be slightly better, if it was revolving around that aspect just a bit more.

Perhaps Gavin will return to the classic original style source that he was known for, way back when, or maybe just maybe, this new modernized style, will be kept in, to draw in more listeners, to hear, and uphold for the next generation of his musical abilities, so to speak. All in all Gavin DeGraw has come a long way, since first discovering him, and to see how much he's grown as an artist, now, it is something else, totally different and unexpected.

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