My Little Pony and Integrity Toys New Dolls Are Coming!

Hasbro's My Little Pony line and Integrity Toys have come together to release all new dolls, based on the fan base of the My Little Pony fandom! The mane 6 seen as fans of the series, each come sold separately and the first two in the line will be Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash! Here's more input from Integrity Toys, you've waited patiently for this most anticipated line and now, the very first two characters in the <3 and="" are="" br="" collection="" fabulous="" finally="" here="" join="" mlp="" of="" ranks="" ready="" the="" to="" your="">
Each item is super limited to an edition size of 500 and both are likely to sell out quickly once the links go live at approximately Noon Eastern on 9/13/2016!

So that you don't miss out, if you've never shopped in the Integrity Toys shopping cart, we recommend setting up your account asap, ahead of the sale time because the cart will shut down approximately 15 minutes prior to the sale in order to activate the links.

To do this, go to, click on "register" towards the right side of the screen, fill in your information and once you are done, click "submit".

Please read on below for full product and ordering information.
<3 and="" are="" br="" collection="" fabulous="" finally="" here="" join="" mlp="" of="" ranks="" ready="" the="" to="" your="">

The first two dolls in the series, sonic_rainboom_92 and sparkling_stargazer will be made available for sale tomorrow, September 13th, 2016, at approximately noon ET. Ordering information on the rest of the line will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions on the line, visit  You can also feel free to contact us at
Payment Instructions

-When you are ready, please click on the link(s) that follows these instructions and once you are in the IT Direct online store, use the quantity box drop-down menu to increase the number of the particular item that you would like to purchase (if you only want one of that item, you can skip this step).

-Click on "Add to Cart".

-Repeat the above if you are purchasing multiple items.

-When you are done shopping, click on "Proceed to Checkout", pick a shipping and payment method and complete your transaction.

-If the link below is not active, just copy and paste it into your  browser's address bar and make sure that there are no extra spaces or characters in front of or at the end of the link.

Ordering links:


sonic_rainboom_92 (RAINBOW DASH_inspired figure)

sparkling_stargazer (TWILIGHT SPARKLE-inspired figure)

Other information:


-Please note that the item is not yours until you have successfully checked out of the shopping cart and paid for your order. PUTTING YOUR ITEMS IN THE CART AND NOT PAYING WILL NOT LOCK THE INVENTORY, THEREFORE, ITEMS MAY SELL OUT BEFORE YOU ARE DONE CHECKING OUT. DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG TO COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTION.

-The W Club and the Integrity Toys staff will not be able to help you if an item sells out before you have the time to complete your transaction.

-Shipping Note: While IT does their best to ship orders as fast as possible, they handle a large amount of orders on a daily basis. Please be patient and remember that even if you select an expedited or 2-day shipping service, your order may or may not ship on the day you placed it. Contacting us does not make things go faster; orders are generally processed in the order received.

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