Airbourne's Ryan Breaks Outta Hell Due to Having Fun

Australian rock n' rollers, Airbourne have been around for quite some time, so much so in fact, that they have released fourth albums, their latest being "Breakin Outta Hell", via Spinefarm Records. Drummer Ryan O'Keeffe discusses the band's time span, new album, and touring across the globe.

1. It's been six years since we last spoke way back in 2010, what has the band been up since then?

Ryan: Oh wow. We've been doing quite a lot, 2 albums since then. We've been constantly touring if not recording, spending time in Europe building up a following over there. Just spending time out on the road, living life and having fun.

2. You released your first three albums through Roadrunner Records, and then switched out and over to Spinefarm Records, to release your fourth album "Breakin' Outta Hell", why the switch-up?

Ryan: The option was out for Roadrunner, and some people out with Spinefarm, were revamping things in a way, the old bosses was heading up Spinefarm, so the people from Roadrunner, had moved on anyway. So Spinefarm is more metal and rock oriented, new people to work with and just felt like a good time to go too. It's been great so far.

3. The message of this album is basically fuck everything, why take this approach, with this release?

Ryan: Well it's more like breakin outta hell, is breakin out of any shit situation you could be in. Whether that'd be a job, a bad relationship, or anything like that. With all of that negativity in the world right now, we knew that there was always one thing, that rock n' roll has always done, it's always been about having a good time. So it's like breakin outta hell, breaking out of whatever's bothering you, just having a good time with your mates.

4. Did you take notice that with all four albums, each one has been released about 3 years apart from one another?

Ryan: Yeah it's kind of weird. It wasn't intentional, but one of the things is, is that we tour a lot. We usually tour for like a year, a year in a half, maybe 2 years. I think we released a new album on a different label, every time., which has been fun.  It's just part of the whole rock n' roll journey I guess. It's been like 10 years now, I am 30 this year, I remember 10 years ago, I was 20, here in LA recording our first album, "Runnin Wild". It's been a good 10 years, hopefully the next one we do comes out a little bit quicker.

5. When can we expect to see a live album or DVD from you guys?

Ryan: Well there's a lot of things in talks with Spinefarm. We definitely want to be doing as much as we can, rather it'd be a live album or live DVD.  The label is real passionate, recording the previous records here in the U.S. We got to do what we wanted and recorded this album in Australia, going back home, doing the record there. Which was really cool, because we haven't done a record there before, so that was the start of doing what you want, with Spinefarm. We feel we have nailed this record, so it's always moving quite well for us.

6. Will we ever hear Airbourne's music go acoustic or is that something you would like to do?

Ryan: Well, for a long time we said no. But lately, I've been talking with my brother, to do it, because I want to see what it will look like. Maybe you never know!

7. Did you know that the band has been around for 13 years, knowing that, the number is bad luck, what do you gota say to that?

Ryan: Well considering it is paired with rock n' roll, I say good luck. I am still proud to be here and doing this. This is what I do for a career and I would never trade it for the world or take it for granted.

8. Your debut album "Runnin' Wild" will be making its 10 year mark come next year, will you be considering playing said release in its entirety?

Ryan: It's been talked about actually. We have been talking about doing that. We may do it, that's how we started, when we came over, playing it in full for the first time back then, so we may do it for the 10 year.

9. What else can we expect to see from you guys between now into this next year?

Ryan: Well basically, tour, we just hit the ground running, bit of a warm up of touring, bringing that rock n' roll show that's unpredictable. It's always a real good time.

10. Do you want to say or add anything else?

Ryan: Make sure you take the weekend off, September 23rd, get a few cases of beer with your friends and hear the record because we are looking forward to the release.

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