Of Mice and Men Announces Live CD/DVD "Live at Brixton"

Of Mice and Men will be releasing their first ever live concert album and live DVD combination set. The concert was shot at the historic London venue in March of 2015, the band teamed up with longtime collaborator Jon Stone to turn around the CD/DVD live package, which features a mix of Of Mice & Men favorites from their early years like “The Depths” and “Second & Sebring” with others like “Would You Still Be There,” “Bones Exposed,” “You’re Not Alone” and “Feels Like Forever.” The Live at Brixton package will be out on May 27 and pre-orders are currently at iTunes HERE and the band's pre-order page HERE. Check out the album's artwork and tracklisting below.


1. “Public Service Announcement”
2. “Glass Hearts”
3. “Broken Generation”
4. “O.G. Loko”
5. “Let Live”
6. “You Make Me Sick”
7. “This One’s For You”
8. “Feels Like Forever”
9. “Bones Exposed”
10. “Would You Still Be There”
11. “Another You”
12. “Identity Disorder”
13. “Second & Sebring”
14. “The Depths”
15. “You’re Not Alone”

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