The Los Angeles Murderfest Gives Birth to The Mini Murderfest for the Next Generation

The Los Angeles Murderfest, where has the time gone, since it's last rendition of 2009? Well it just so happens that the festival is somewhat back in action with another edition if you will, this one being a miniature sized rendition entitled The Mini Murderfest brought on by Daniel Dismal. This time around, things are a lot different in some senses, it's in a much smaller venue, as opposed to the venue it once called home, the Knitting Factory of Hollywood, California way back when from its time of 2006 through 2009. Until now, where its set in Glendale, California, at its Complex venue. A 21 and over bar and music venue, where 3 days will be engulfed by beer suds, fog machines, and loud music!

This the birth of The Mini Murderfest has begun with day number one! Six acts of various forms of the metal music genres, from thrash metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, to everything else thrown in-between, the first day, was filled with a mixture of sorts. Opening acts, Beasthrone and Myconith, were superb, really bringing the heaviness, with their loud instrumentals, to screaming vocal chords, that the audience of on lookers, bobbed their heads to the beats, to pushing one another around, that someone got their beet bottle smashed open, causing the floor to be spilled with its bottled suds, that the people pushing around one another, did not oppose to the accident, but slipped and slide along the floor's sake. Making the music that more interesting to say the least, let alone entertaining that everyone in ear shot was highly enlightened if you will.



As such, the rest of the night with its assortment of acts, included Faeost, Winterthrall, Ghoulgotha, and Gravehill. Faeost and Winterthrall were the easy going acts, as everyone around during theirs, just laid back and was enjoying their music, whereas Ghoulgotha and Gravehill, brought on the headbanging once more, as everyone there, was bobbing their head to themselves, or straight out headbanging to the extreme, moving their heads back and forth, left to right, to rising their fists in the air, it was pure excitement from all over.





All in all it was a first night of festivities that was surely a good start to something that will surely catch on, to lead up to the next and perhaps official edition of the original rendition of The Los Angeles Murderfest. Night number two awaits.....

Night two is upon Los Angeles, as opening acts such as Deformity, Saprophagous, Hideous Rebirth, to name a few really outdid themselves, with their presents and performances to the audience there. The whole crowd of on lookers, really got into their tunes, as each of these bands really showed their skills off, everyone in the crowd, jumping, dancing around, pushing, falling over, in the mosh pit, while others, jumped upon the stage, then right back off again, doing a repeating cycle pretty much. It was a very entertaining experience to bear witness too. Thus the next set of acts Early Graves, Crematorium, and Cattle Decapitation rounded off night two, with a bang of a hit!



Hideous Rebirth:

Early Graves:


Cattle Decapitation:

Early Graves kept the energy up but more at bay if you will, whereas Crematorium locals around the Los Angeles turf, really brought the crowd in as people, interacting with everyone, sending little messages throughout their set-up, to their performance, being very aggressive, as everyone left and right, was being pushed and pulled around from all angles it seemed. While headliners of the night, Cattle Decapitation closed things up with their own set-up, having the crowd of everyone there, really get involved in the fun! The whole floor was moving, like if it were an ocean of fish, the waves tossing the fish here and there, it was so moving to see. As everyone there raised their fists, metal horns high in the air, to the beats of the music, to screaming until their lungs gave out, everyone was just so happy and excited, that the energy giving off one another, was endless really.

Night two was one hell of a night time experience, that's for sure! What will the third and final night life, bring to The Mini Murderfest? Well only time shall tell for certain no?

Night three and the final night of The Mini Murderfest went off without a any problems or issues, as all the acts who played part, did their duty as musicians, to throw on a good show. And my oh my was it a good show, Erode, Colombian Necktie, and Genocide Skin, were the first set of acts that kicked off the night, having everyone bob their heads, really enjoying themselves, While the rest of the line-up consisting of Destroying In Seconds, Exhausted Prayer, and Behold! The Monolith, kept the energy alive and well, as everyone there stood, memorized by the music being performed.


Colombian Necktie:

Genocide Skin:

Lastly on the list rounding off the night was 16 and Nausea, finishing off The Mini Murderfest, was something else, as everyone took it all in, as the music engulfed everyone in earshot. Bringing everybody there just simply together, as the metal family community that everyone there was. It was a night that would never be forgotten.



The Mini Murderfest is a new edition to The Los Angeles Murderfest, perhaps it will be a staple in future festivals to the Los Angeles terrain, since the main and original festival is said to return fairly soon! This is metal and this is Los Angeles doing it right with the way things went at The Mini Murderfest!

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