Angelspit Signs with Negative Gain for next album!

Angelspit has signed with Negative Gain Productions at its headquarters in Chicago. The new deal adds Angelspit's new album, Cult of Fake, to Negative Gain's already strong roster of bands, including The Gothsicles and Mr. Kitty.

Made popular for its driving industrial sound, Angelspit sees the new partnership as a perfect match. "Negative Gain pushes dance acts with an alternative edge, and our new album will fit right in," says Zoog Von Rock. Already funded by Kickstarter, the album will receive the widespread push it needs thanks to Negative Gain.

"We are always looking at new ways to add great music to our already diverse roster of great artists," added Roger Jarvis, co-founder of Negative Gain. "You are going to love this album just as much as we do!"

Cult of Fake is Angelspit’s sixth studio album, due June 6, 2016 through Negative Gain. The album uses the harsh industrial percussion sampled from Angelspit’s early albums, now mixed with club destroying beats. Kickstarted by the fans, Cult of Fake is Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music without sacrificing its established sound.

Check out Angelspit's website for more info: ANGELSPIT.NET.

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