Thundermother Holiday Interview

Thundermother's vocalist Clare Cunningham took some time to discuss what she and the band do during the holiday season!

1. What are you doing for the holidays?

Clare: For Christmas we all spend time with our families! Linda will be in India for December and I (Clare) will be going back home to Ireland!

 2. This Halloween season I did what?

Clare: I had solo shows in Copenhagen so couldn't go to a party but the other girls all did!

3. Did you dress up this year?

Clare: I know Tilda went as a princess and Giorgia dressed up also having a bread roll as her 'sword'!

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat?

Clare: Anything chocolate!

5. What are you thankful for?

Clare: Thankful for each day and to be alive and well and doing what we love the most...making music!

6. Do you have a favorite dish for Thanksgiving or do you enjoy everything?

Clare: We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden. Only America. But I think it's the same dish in Ireland for Xmas. Turkey and ham! Delicious!!!!

7. Who's the one who eats the most when it comes to the holiday season?

Clare: Haha we all love our food! In general I'd say we all eat the same!

8. Do you or have you gone shopping on Black Friday, if so what did you find and buy? Or have you gone out to see the sights of the crowds?

Clare: Haha I personally avoid the shops on this day as its CRAZY!!!! A tradition in Ireland and the U.K. is that Black Friday is centered around drinking haha!!!! Although also here in Sweden too! Was a crazy night last year!!!!

9. When it comes to the holiday season, does the band all get together, or does everyone do their own thing?

Clare: Well as most of us have our own families and things to do and the fact that Giorgia and Linda live a few hours away it's hard to catch up! But we try if we can of course!

10. What is your favorite Christmas song to sing and why?

Clare: As a band we don't play Xmas songs but I've sang Xmas songs in the past! Either in church or when I sang in a 2 piece in the UK. I remember I always enjoyed singing 'Bells will be ringing' as I used to make it very blues rock!

11. One thing you really want for Christmas is what?

Clare: To just be around the people I care for and love. I'm not into material things really. More important to be in touch with all the people that mean the most to me.

12. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Enough so, that you would pay him a visit at the mall or other local events?

Clare: Yeah who doesn't! Haha! If there's a shanty clause in a mall I may just pay him a small visit...!

13. What type of Christmas tree do you prefer white or green or your own version?

Clare: White if it's snow on it yes! Haha! Green is the classic and what I've always grown up with. But there's something really nice about the white ones!

14. Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?

Clare: Always last minute! I used to be more organized but luckily most of my family and friends decide that we be with each other and pay for flights to be home so we don't really do the whole present exchange.

15. One thing you have to do on New Year's Eve?

Clare: I always play somewhere. Have been for the last ten years. The other girls will most likely party!

16. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Clare: Personally I just want to maintain a healthy regime and as a band we will probably just concentrate on the 3rd album! But no strict resolutions no!

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