Soul Thrower Releases Judas Priest Cover of "The Ripper"

Estonian-American rock band and powerhouse Soul Thrower re-imagines and revives this 1976 classic by Judas Priest. Soul Thrower preserves the original essence of the song, but takes liberties to transform and evolve it with modern rock intensity in their own style. True to their genre but unique in their own right, Soul Thrower shines with signature sounds built on fat, chunky, baritone guitars, and smooth grunge vocals with stacked harmonies. It's the perfect sonic blend to breathe new life into this age-old story. The Ripper is a tale of London's unidentified, brutal serial killer of 1888, Jack the Ripper, whose methods included gruesome disembowelment. Never turn your back on The Ripper..... This song is recorded, mixed and mastered by Keijo Koppel at the Rock Sound, Tallinn, Estonia. Check out the song HERE.

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