Renaissance Kids Holiday Interview

Renaissance Kids caught up with us to give us their rundown on the holiday season!

1. What are you doing for the holidays?

Mostly just catching up with relatives and reluctantly getting sucked into those MMORPG holiday events! One does not simply let winter go by without slaying The Greench at least a few times! But I’m going to be taking advantage of the weather and atmosphere. I always write best in the fall and winter. Especially towards late December right before sunrise.

2. This Halloween season I did what?

I traveled a bit and got myself into some pretty spooky situations. One of my top highlights was watching Evil Dead II and traveling through the thickest fog I’ve ever been in at Hug Point. Between that and the arrival at Lake Detroit, it was such a trippy time. I really had a killer time, this year.

3. Did you dress up this year?

Unfortunately no. I didn’t have time to plan out anything.

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat?

Those caramel apple suckers with the green core are so excellent! Dude, it’s never a bad time for caramel apples.

5. What are you thankful for?

Oh, man. I’m thankful for the experiences that brought me here and the unquestionable support of my friends and family.

6. Do you have a favorite dish for Thanksgiving or do you enjoy everything?

I’m all about the Colorado’s infused pumpkin pie.

7. Who's the one who eats the most when it comes to the holiday season?

Come on; I think we all know the answer to that one, Christian of course.

8. Do you or have you gone shopping on Black Friday, if so what did you find and buy? Or have you gone out to see the sights of the crowds?

Black Friday is usually my day to stock up on picks. –laughs- I really don’t feel like getting trampled. I’ve heard the horror stories, man!

9. When it comes to the holiday season, does the band all get together, or does everyone do their own thing?

We’re definitely going to be writing over some eggnog and trees! Usually we’re off doing our own thing. I’ve got too eccentric and spread out of a family to visit along with my friends, I usually just wing it and see what happens.

10. What is your favorite Christmas song to sing and why?

Korn’s cover of “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” is by far one of the most epic Christmas tracks in my arsenal. It’s so freaky!

11. One thing you really want for Christmas is what?

Dude, I really want to get my hands on an authentic Krampas mask. Have you seen those? They’re so wicked awesome.

12. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Enough so, that you would pay him a visit at the mall or other local events?

Speaking of Krampas....

13. What type of Christmas tree do you prefer white or green or your own version?

I like my Christmas trees at just over an ounce and in a ziplock baggy.

14. Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?

I’m such a last minute holiday shopper; it’s terrible. I’ll wait till Christmas eve before I finish up my shopping.

15. One thing you have to do on New Year's Eve?

Prep some menudo for the next day’s hangover. –laughs-

16. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

I’m looking to take a few classes, do some more traveling, and be more active in ’16! Let’s bring on the shows and tours!

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