Hatsune Miku Launches MIKU EXPO Let's Go! Pledge Music Campaign

Hatsune Miku has launched a Pledge Music campaign for the release of her first ever EP based on her Miku Expo conventions! The EP will be a compilation of Hatsune Miku songs including the MIKU EXPO 2016 theme song “Blue Star” by Hachioji P, and other exclusive tracks.

Miku has come a long way these past few years, from music software and internet mascot to international pop icon. The first MIKU EXPO concert tour in 2014 was a great milestone, and also tremendous fun. After months of efforts, the MIKU EXPO 2016 tour is finally on its way, with more cities than ever before! Of course, the success of the 2014 events made things easier, but putting together a Hatsune Miku show is still a challenging task both logistically and financially. With the hundreds of “Miku come to my town!” requests we receive every day, we know there is still a lot of work to do and ground to cover…. And in the case of Hatsune Miku, the phrase “we couldn’t do it without the fans” is to be taken literally!

That is why we wanted to give you, the fans, an opportunity to directly support MIKU EXPO, and at the same time participate in the movement. As thanks, we’ve put together a menu of very special Miku items and experiences, carefully chosen and designed, that you’ll find nowhere else! Exclusive menu items include an original wrist-watch, an OMOCAT collaboration T-shirt, and even a photo-shoot opportunity with Miku on stage! With every item purchased you will also receive a “MIKU EXPO SUPPORTER” pin badge, the mark of a true Miku fan! With your help we can make Miku Expo 2016 a huge success, and bring Miku’s next opportunities closer to reality!

You can go make a pledge by going HERE and check out a video animation HERE.

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