Saint Asonia - Self-Titled

Saint Asonia was said to never even become a band, but of course it ended up becoming one, which wasn't all that bad of an idea. Saint Asonia features two of the biggest forces in rock radio over the past decade, Adam Gontier formerly of Three Days Grace and Mike Mushok of Staind. Other band mates would follow suit with Corey Lowery of Stuck Mogo and Rich Beddoe of Finger Eleven.
Connecting these various musicians together was an interesting idea and concept, having them all use their mixture of inspirations together to create a style that is rock blended with metal and everything else. It's like an elemental mixture of sorts if that makes sense.

When it comes down to it the band had gone on to write and record material that would lead to their Self-Titled debut album. It consisting of 11-tracks in which 3 of those 11 were singles that did quite well, "Better Place", being their lead caused quite the commotion for the band. While the other singles "Blow Me Wide Open", and "Let Me Live My Life", were surely the follow-up tracks that would be catchy, unbeatable songs that would hit the barrier with the first hit no problem.

As far as the rest of the album, it takes songs like "Fairy Tale", "Dying Slowly", and "Happy Tragedy", to bring forth an emotional yet upbeat style of tunes, that captures the essence of that said emotion. Frontman vocalist/rhythm guitarist Adam takes control of his vocal chords, allowing them to fill up this angst of emotion, really providing a powerful reaction to the lyrical content and musical atmosphere playing around him. It all works well in their favor, having the music come together on each of their songs.

The whole album is pretty much like this, it collects the lyrics, instrumentals, and passion, let alone pride, it takes to be a musician, it all can be showcased upon this Self-Titled effort. It's also a fresh taken on the acts that these guys are from, showing a whole another side of effect, if you will. Those other acts may be around or gone, but the power in these musicians is still alive and well and this album is a solid hit, of material that will keep the rock, metal, elemental mixture beating on and on.

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