Last Red Ransom - Snubnose

Last Red Ransom formed during the late 2000's in which they wrote and recorded material for their debut album "Sleep Well Sweet Vanity". Following this release would be the band playing live shows, studio sessions, with continuation of them writing and recording further material for the follow-up release "Snubnose".

This time around "Snubnose" has Last Red Ransom going deeper into the electronic and industrial aspect than the rock format which makes this release that more interesting. Like take such songs as "The Electric Sky [Digital Sunshine]" this opener really expresses the band's skill and style set together. The vocals and instrumentals really work well with one another, never missing a beat between one another if it were. Other songs like "Burning Buildings", "Been Dead Before", and "The Living Trust" all mix in together, having a similarity to one another, allowing them to sound creative and well crafted but similar as said which isn't a bad thing.

Last Red Ransom's sophomore and follow-up effort that is "Snubnose" is a solid release, that brings out their creativity ever so further, it embraces that electronic and industrial appeal more so than it should, making their music be catchy and rather well rounded.

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