Violent New Breed Releases New Song "Only The Strong Survive"

Violent New Breed consisting of Max Green former bassist of Escape The Fate/Falling In Reverse have released a demo version of a new song entitled "Only The Strong Survive". The song was written by Max Green and Mikey Alfero and is a part of the band's upcoming untitled EP due out soon. A statement from Max Green can be read as follows:

"I'm streaming this song as a gift, a gift to anyone and everyone who has ever been through what I've been through, anyone who feels they have nothing left and needs something to help them believe again and give them strength! I dedicate this song to all the fans and friends I've made on my journey that music has taken me on. Every tweet, message, post, ticket and tour means the world to me, and I just want to say thank you for believing, believing in me and giving me the strength to go on when I felt like I might not be able to ever create again! You've helped me to find my inspiration once again, and I'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life and career and I hope you're all as ready as I am because you're all invited. This is an un-mastered track from my new EP that I just couldn't wait any longer to release. My name is Max Green of Violent New Breed and this track is called...'Only The Strong Survive.'"

Check out the song HERE.

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