John R1se Returns!

John R1se (real name is Eugene Akimbaev) is a young composer and musician was born in Novosibirsk, Russia 25 years ago. Despite of his young age artist has succeeded in the collaborations with countless companies widely known in the media landscape (such as Really Slow Motion).

His career has begun from the project called ‘Red Online‘ which became the first experimental field for developing his musician skills. Side by side with his friend (unknown) John made his first steps into the world of electronic rock and orchestral music.  Red Online gained several medal places in the FiXT Remix contests which was led by label owned by talented musician and composer Klayton Celldweller (a pioneer of electronic rock). Some time later guys released two EPs by themselves and that was it.

In early 2015 John signs the contract with Belorussian Independent Music Label ‘Venator Music’. A short time afterwards he introduces a brand new project and debut EP called ‘Overcome’ in which artist includes five tracks and two remixes from his colleagues  Al Defender and Exaige.

The sounding of the whole release can be described with only one word - Hybrid. From the first seconds unreal cinematic wave of rock guitars, electronic and orchestral music will crash right into your ears. John Rise’s compositions will make you feel like an invulnerable titan marching through countless villains hordes. These sounds will light the flame in your hearts and you’ll feel how power and strength flows inside your spirit. If you  like serious music, if you miss something in your life, if you are waiting for sing to move on, then listen to Overcome EP and find the courage to conquer the world.

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