From Ashes To News' Tim Oh My Gosh Interview

It's been two years since last speaking with the guys From Ashes To New, who have gone through some changes during that time span. Getting signed to Better Noise Records, getting new members including Tim D'onofrio on drummers, releasing a follow-up EP "Downfall" to their previous "Self-Titled" release, with them working hard on their debut full-length due out this summer, with shows and touring to fall right into place. Drummer Tim D'onofrio discusses their EP, new album, and plans to tour as much as possible!

1. It's been 2 years since we last spoke, then you had released your Self-Titled EP, played shows, did your thing, but what else has the band been up too since then?

Tim: Oh my gosh! The question is what hasn't the band been up too? Everything has been moving really fast for us, we have recorded our full-length album, did some shows, just put out our new EP and single called "Downfall". Just trying to keep real busy, busy is good.

2. Aside from the Self-Titled EP you went ahead and released another EP "Downfall" why the back to back EP releases?

Tim: Well what we wanted to do, we have fans who were patiently waiting for new material, as far as you know with the industry it takes some time, so we wanted to give the fans a little something for the time being. So here's a little something of 4-songs, for waiting so patiently until our new album is out, that we gave what we could.

3. How would you say those EPs differ, compare, and have evolved from one another?

Tim: Oh my gosh! Well the first EP, it was the first time our rapper vocalist had ever written music before, everything on it, was the first things he had ever written. So when we did this EP and the album, he's been evolving, figuring out what works and what doesn't. I love the first EP, but there's so much more, maturity, just a big effort on this album and the EP and we really love it.

4. What can someone that has never heard you guys before, expect to hear on either of these EPs?

Tim: Just basically, I tell people that the music we play is the music we want to play. Just because there's rap in our music, I feel people can still get into it, even the people who listen to rap listen and the ones that don't listen to rap, can both get into it and enjoy it from both sides.

5. Besides the EPs, you guys are working on your debut album, whereabouts are you in that process?

Tim: We have all the tracks set, may go back and tweak here and there, but since we're on the road right now, everything is just getting prepared for its release. Just giving updates with videos and photos via social media on how the process is going.

6. When can we expect to see the new album to be out and about?

Tim: It will be out this year, we're thinking the late summer time, is the time frame we're looking at right now.

7. Your obviously doing the music thing, but you are also doing the show and touring thing, what has it been like to play alongside an act like Hollywood Undead? How have their fan base been treating ya'll?

Tim: Oh my gosh! Those guys put on such an amazing stage show, you have to bring your A-Game to be worthy of being on the same stage as them. Their crowds are more accessible to our style of music, than another band would, so that part is good, but we have to go out there and show what we got, by being on that stage and bring on our game.

8. This tour is a mini tour, so when can we see you guys hitting the road on a full fledged tour?

Tim:  Yeah we have more shows and tours coming, this was one of those things you can't say no to ya know? We'll be playing through the festival season, doing more shows and touring, with some we can't speak of yet but soon you'll be seeing us playing around a lot more.

9. How much more can we see for the rest of this year from you guys?

Tim: We have the album coming out at this summer, then doing some festivals and shows that should all be fun, with more tours in the works, so a lot of fun stuff we're excited.

10. Is that your final answer?

Tim: Yep! Just everybody check us out on our Facebook page and social media, be sure to come check us out on tour and at the shows and to listen to our music!

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