Trash Talk's Winter Wrap-Up Brings the Chaos Home

At the start of this year, hardcore punks The Casualties were doing a run of dates of intimate showcases one of which was in Los Angeles, California at the Jewels Catch One venue. Not hearing about this place until these guys appeared here, made me do some research on it, that lead me to another hardcore punk act from the Los Angeles music scene calling themselves of all things Trash Talk!

These guys have been doing their thing for a decade, clearly making a name for themselves wasn't easy but for them it came easy enough it seems. As such, Trash Talk like any other band have released material, played shows and toured all over, but coming home to Los Angeles, California is where their hearts called home of course. Thus, their most recent tour being a winter tour going for only 5 weeks was something else entirely.

Last stop on the tour was none other than Los Angeles, California at one of its infamous venues the Echoplex the other half of its other venue the Echo. Never having been here before, was a new experience to me, the place itself being a decent size with a stage to match, allowing for the band and it's fans to join in on all of the fun and excitement to withhold. In any case Trash Talk closed off the show, headlining it, in the biggest way possible, since they were back home.

Their set kicked off with a brief introduction, as the crowd instantly went berserk! Like no tomorrow everyone was instantly pushed and shoved from all sides of this place, people covered in sweat, drugs, beverages, the works, was engulfed within the crowd, as the band played on from just that brief moment. After which, kicked off about a 55 minute set list of tunes, showcasing their raw and aggressive effect, of themselves and the crowd witnessing before them.

Trash Talk Photos by NPerez

The band themselves put on quite the performance, as said, as soon as they started the whole place went nuts. Continuing onward  their frontman Lee Spielman, gives it all he has got, pumping his fists in the air, banging his head, to tossing the microphone around the stage, to even stage diving into the sea of people, if that's not enough he even goes head first into the mosh pit of go getters pushing and shoving one another as he still continues to sing each and every song sung! Now that's something else to witness altogether! Throughout the band's set list it was like this formula again, again, and again. It kept the energy up and the crowd pleased as the band played on and on. Interacting with the crowd doing various circle pits, as again Lee Spielman entered the pit, doing what he did best, as the people circled around him if not got in his face to sing along!

Trash Talk Photos by NPerez

Towards the end of their set he went in on asking the crowd to join him on the stage so of course the crowd answered with great delight as the stage was instantly filled to the max! Tons of people crawling, climbing, to get in on the last minute action, really showing their true dedication and likeness to the music and band portraying it. Once the band was done with their set, everyone gladly jumped off, walking off, yelling and screaming with enlightenment in their hearts and souls.

Trash Talk Photos by NPerez

Overall Trash Talk is one local act that you do not want to miss! Their stage presents, performance tactics, and overall effect as musicians is something to behold more than once, if only once is available to you, than by all means take it, as soon as possible, because you will not be disappointed, not by a long shot let alone at all.


1. Dogman
2. Walking Disease
3. Manifest Destination
4. Envy
5. F.Y.R.A.
6. Worthless Nights
7. Incarnate
8. Awake
9. Babylon, CA
10. Hash Wednesday
11. Dig
12. Well of Souls
13. Blind Evolution
14. Slander
15. The Hole
16. Uncivil Disobedience
17. Destroy
18. Sacramento Is Dead
19. Lepers to Feed the Lepers
20. Birth Plague Die

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